Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Before Reaching Out To Me

I'm adding this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer common questions. Have a question you don't see here please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.

I have an electrical short somewhere can you fix that?

The only electrical work I offer is simple tasks that involve replacing fixtures or broken outlets from existing wiring. Any electrical panel work, circuit breaker replacement and any more complicated electrical tasks that require troubleshooting are best left to a professional licensed electrical contractor. This being said even some licensed electricians and plumbers do subpar work, so be sure to check references prior to hiring them. If you need a recommendation or two just ask.

What are your rates?

For most painting projects I like to stop by the jobsite location to see exactly what the work will involve. There is a lot of different variables when it comes to painting with the amount of preparation involved being the biggest factor. In most cases I offer potential customers a “fixed price” complimentary quote for pressure washing, painting, and some larger scale projects.

For smaller handyman tasks including furniture (flat pack) building, ceiling fan installation, light fixture swaps, installing wall hangings (artwork, photos, mirrors, etc) and other tasks are billed hourly as follows:

1st hour = $60/hr
2nd – 6 hours = $40/hr
Full day (8 hours) = $300/hr

Payments can be made via Cash, Check, Venmo or Credit Card (+3%)