I have decades of experience as a residential/commercial painting contractor. My experience includes applying coatings on many different types of substrates including drywall, concrete (walls & floors), composite siding, T-111 siding, cedar shingles, log homes (interior & exterior), stucco and metal (pipe, fence, machinery and heavy equipment). I have applied a variety of coatings including epoxy (usually on concrete floors or commercial equipment), interior/exterior latex and oil based paints, stains, lacquer, shellac and elastomeric coatings (water proofing).

I have painted all types of residential and commercial properties including everything from apartment rental move-outs to 20,000 sq foot mansions.

Since I am semi-retired now I tend to be more interested in smaller projects including single story exterior repaints. I also enjoy preparing houses for sale as the contrast before and after can be so amazing.